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sea sick 。
( & scared of the ocean )
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December 13th, 2020 - ( skeleton you are my friend )
( SS ) you shine brighter than anyone

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: journal, writing dump, incoherency sponge
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November 17th, 2020 - ( paint me your canvas )
( SS ) you shine brighter than anyone


about me: sixteen. filipino. hs junior. december baby. awkward turtle for life. history and english nerd. fujoshi. arguably funny. tweets too much. eats too much. named her nikon dslr wesley. irrelevant. writer. troper. likes to read. watches way too much football.
fandoms: afterschool charisma, angel beats!, baccano!, death note, durarara!!, final fantasy, football, glee, harry potter, hetalia, k-on!, kimi ni todoke, merlin, ouran, panty and stocking, persona 3 & 4, pokemon, star driver, starry☆sky, vocaloid, working!!
my football teams: real madrid, arsenal, liverpool, inter milan, la furia roja, oranje, die mannschaft. will never be a manchester united or tottenham fan. ever.
types: intp. concerned inventor. analytical thinker.

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